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Name : Lipes P Dr
Address: 5858 Ch De La Cote-Des-Neiges
City: Montreal, QC
Phone: 514-735-1604
Doctors in City: Halifax, NS , Canada


Halifax, Canada Doctor Find | Talk to your new Halifax, Nova Scotia MD now!

The Halifax webpage for Canadian Doctor Find searches for your new Doctor in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Halifax Doctor directory includes GPs Offices, MDs and individual Doctors in the Nova Scotia public system.

Nova Scotia Doctors peforming private (paid) medical services in Halifax including facelists or liposuction are included, although and Halifax chiropractors or Halifax dentists or Halifax psychologists are not. All are listed individually.

Also available are 8 reviews of Doctors in Nova Scotia.

Abbass Allan Dr MD

Allen Victoria Dr Obstetrician

Amirault J David Dr Orthopaedic Sur

Anderson P A Dr Urologist

Andrews D M Dr Phys

Armson Anthony B Dr Obstetrician

Armstrong Duncan Dr Eye Exams

Armstrong Duncan Dr Eye Exams

Armstrong Duncan Dr Eye Exams

Atlantic Dermatology and Laser Consu

Atlantic Medical Clinic

Atlantic Offshore Medical Associa

Audain Vincent P Dr Phys

Bailly Greg Dr Urolgst

Banks Michael R Dr Phys

Baskett Thomas F Dr Obstetrician

Belitsky Philip Dr Urolgst

Bell David Dr Urologist

Bell Marilynne Dr Phys

Bendor Samuel R Dr Plastic Surgery

Bethune Drew Dr Thoracic Esopha

Bethune Graeme Dr Phys

Bouzayen Renda Dr Obstetrician

Brennan Peter Dr Phys

Burge Fred Dr Family Medicine

Clayton Park Medical Clinic

College of Physicians and Surgeons of

Conter H S Dr Physician Inc

Cowie Family Medicine Centre

Dalhousie Ms Research Unit

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University Health Services

Dalhousie University Sport Medicine

Davis Rose Medical Associates Limi

Dayal Gosine L Dr Eye Phys & Surg

Dempster Jeffrey Dr Obstetrician

Dermatology Associates

Dermatology Rejuvenation Ce

Devarajan S Dr

Doane Frank Dr Phys

Duffus Street Medical Centre

Dunphy Bruce Dr Obstetrician

Family Focus Medical Clinic S

Family Focus Medical Clinics

Family Focus Medical Clinics

Family Medicine Physicians

Family Practice Associates

Farrell Scott A Dr Obstetrician

Forest Hills Medical Clinic

Gajewski J Dr Urolgst

George Stan P Dr

Giacomantonio Michael Dr

Gill R Kingsley Dr Phys

Gilmour Donna Dr Obstetrician

Gladstone Professional Centre

Grantmyre John E Dr Urolgst

Gregor R D Dr

Halifax Pediatric Associates

Hansen Eric L Dr Phys

Higgins Terrance F Dr Phys

Ho Yuen Vernon Dr Oculoplastic Ca

Hoskin Mott A Dr Ophthalmology

Keating David Dr Phys

King David B Dr

Lacewood Medical Center

Langdon Rex L Dr Phys

Lawen Joseph G Dr Urologist

Lewis Valerie Dr Phys

Macdonald Dianne Dr Psychtrst

Mackinnon Heather Dr Phys

Maynes Douglas F Dr Psychiatrist

Metro Emergency Medicine Assoc

Morris Steven Dr Plastic Surgery

Murray A H Dr

Neu Rolf-Dieter Dr Phys

Norman R W Dr Urolgst

North End Community Health Centre

Northwest Medical Group

Nova Vision Centre Inc

Nutrition Counselling Services and As

O'brien D Brian Dr Phys

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ass

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ass

Orr Ophthamology Dr

Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Clinic

Park West Medical Clinic

Parsons Arthur H Dr Phys

Pediatric General Surgery

Pinsky N Dr Phys

Pretty Bruce R Dr Phys

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